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5 Reasons To Sell Your Motorcycle With Us

There's more than one way to make tea, and that phrase applies to selling your motorcycle. Each approach has it's benefits and drawbacks and some approaches suit other people better. What we like to do at Bikes4Cash is help you achieve your baseline goal: selling your motorcycle.


We've compiled 5 reasons to sell your bike with Bikes4Cash instead of going private:

1. Time is Money

When advertising your motorbike, you are left in fate's hands. It could be a month or two before you hear anything about someone wanting to buy your bike. In the meantime, you've got your eye on a new bike but can't buy it until you make the sale. Why should you wait? Coming to Bikes4Cash ensures that the process is wrapped up in quick succession, so why wait any longer?

2. Annoying Calls

When posting an ad, it's a usual requirement to add contact details. Whilst AutoTrader helps with this by using a robot-line as a middle-man to ask your permission to allow the call - it doesn't stop the problem. You're obviously going to take the call, you're trying to sell your bike. By using Bikes4Cash, all you need to do is fill out a form, maybe a few back-and-forth emails at your convenience and boom - you've sold your bike for a price you're happy with.

3. Umming and Ar'ing

The most frustrating aspect of selling your motorbike: the time-wasters. People that call you up, give you some spiel about wanting to buy and they go cold a day later. Whilst this may not be their fault entirely (they may have found another bike) – it's still the most annoying part of the selling process. Bikes4Cash doesn't mess around, we want your motorbike and if we say we will buy it, we do.

4. Paying To Sell

It's always been weird to us that you had to pay to sell your bike in various places and it can greatly affect your money-back/profit by using a site that takes a percentage or flat rate. Why should you pay to sell your bike? We don't take money out of your wallet for buying your bike, we want to put money in it. Which is why at Bikes4Cash there are no Seller fees.

5. Security

This may come as a surprise to you, but there are many crooks out there who use private selling platforms like AutoTrader as their personal target list. Once they've organised a meeting, they can simply turn up and either use brute force to take the bike or play innocent and ride off on a "test ride". Selling with us eliminates the threat selling privately poses, we are a professional and friendly team looking to buy quality bikes for a fair price. We pride ourselves in providing a professional service that ensures a secure and comfortable transaction for our drivers and you.

By using Bikes4Cash to sell your motorbike, you are guaranteed a secure, efficient and hassle-free sale. All you need to do is fill out the form and you're on your way to money in your wallet. We work towards an ethos of friendliness and professionalism, but don't take our word for it.