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Enjoy The Ride(outs)

In case you hadn't guessed, we love motorbikes. That's why we've compiled a list of great routes, whether it's the last ride before you sell your bike, or you just so happened to land here, these routes are sure to bring a smile to you whilst you set sail across the asphalt. We like to do our rides together and tend to start from our headquarters - but that doesn't mean you have to, you can join the route at almost any point and go from there satisfied.


Ring The Six Bells

The Six Bells in Chiddingly is one of our favourites, a lovely pub with great food. The route goes over hills, down country lanes, through nice towns - there's a bit of something for everyone. Then to top it off, you get to a pub and order a Sunday roast, is there a better Sunday? We don't think so.


The great thing about this route is that it's suitable for any skill and any style. If you've got a 125cc bike amongst your group, this ride doesn't have to be fast to be enjoyed. If you are a bit of a speed demon then this route has straights and bends for you or if you ride for the scenery, you will be taken aback by what you may find along this route.

Chichester Awaits

Going the other way now, we head west to Chichester. Along this route are many sites to spot for motoring fans. At that “V” in the middle, you can stop and grab some tea at Whiteways cafe - a cafe notorious for being bike-made, which is good in our books. After that, you can go straight down from Singleton instead of going round to Binderton to pass Goodwood Motor Circuit before finding yourself in the loop of one-way systems Chichester has to offer. Then, depending on where you live you can either zip along the coast or go to Arundel before turning into the hills. Perfect.


Frankenstein's Monster


OK, so Horsham may not be where Mary Shelley was from, but her betrothed partner Percy Shelley was from that area, so, I'm gonna milk it. This route isn't exciting for it's speed potential, in fact it's the complete opposite. The reason this route is so good is that it's perfect for a Sunday chilled ride. The road surfaces for the most part are pretty decent and your surroundings are always good. It may be more or less all towns, but I can assure you it's not a ride to underestimate. In fact it's such a good ride, that I see groups hit the A272 all the time.

Going The Scenic Way

This route is by far my favourite route ever. As we're based in Sussex, it's quite easy to let your eyes viewing distance stop at the county border, but that can be really limiting. This route in Scotland is ineffable due to it's raw natural beauty. Nothing has ever been as breathtaking and as fun as this route. The map below may not be the exact route to take, but once you're around Moffat and going up that way you should see a sign saying “Scenic Route to Edinburgh” - you'll want to follow those signs until you're in Edinburgh. I would love to be able to convey my love for this route but my words fall short to how incredible this ride is. The road winds around mountainous hills that make our Sussex South Downs look like the small annoying sibling of these giants.


Highway To Hell


This route is named solely due to it being an amazing road before getting into roads that are a lot more stressful, roads where you see only the stupid drive, roads that make you want to hang up the helmet and walk every day of your life. The unique thing about this ride, is that it's the motorway. Doesn't sound too exciting, but once you're on the road, you'll see why it's on the list. It carves it's way through the Lake District where you can see some of the most beautiful landscapes the world has to offer as you ride through. Maybe I was lucky, but at the time of doing it, the roads were fairly empty, the drivers didn't seem to be in a rush so there weren't really any traffic jams or anything of the sorts. However, as soon as you hit the M62, anything southways is just a nightmare drive. This one starts from Moffat again, but that was only because I loved the town so much when I was there. But you can pretty much join anywhere and it's a great ride. The best thing is, because it's an A/M road, the road is really wide and the bends are gradual. This can make for a nice, steady ride or, you can opt for a faster approach as the bend gives you more flexibility in your riding. A great stamina ride for anyone practising long rides for touring.

Get Out There

They may not be the best of the best, but these routes are rides that we've had a lot of fun on, whether expected or unexpected. We'd love to hear how you faired on these routes, or, better yet, give us suggestions! We constantly want new places to explore and new roads to ride and you can let us know on #comesitonthis and we'll put them to the test. Get out there and enjoy the ride.