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Terms and Conditions


Any valuation given through our site, by e-mail or by telephone is a valuation based the information you have provided us with and may not always be the price we are willing to pay. We will carry out a full inspection of your motorbike before we make a final offer to buy it. The final offer will be based on both the valuation provided to you and our assessment of the motorbike at time of inspection.


Once you have agreed to sell us your bike payment arrangements will be made. We will do our best to ensure payments are received promptly, however we are unable to guarantee that any payment made will be instant. We cannot be held liable for any loss incurred due to delays in payment, caused by matters out of our control.

Your Representations

If we buy a bike from you, we will be relying upon your representation that:

  • You are the legal and outright owner of the motorbike and have full legal authority to sell the motorbike.
  • The mileage reading on the motorbike is true and accurate and the odometer has not been tampered with.
  • You have disclosed to us all matters which a purchaser would want to know about.
  • All information you have provided us with is accurate and true.